Digital marketing has its benefits mainly that it’s easy to launch a social media campaign without any prior relationship with the victim.

I’m more annoyed at the damage young companies do to their brand, reputation and domain-name … at wasted opportunities from legitimate startups who just spam any contacts in one e-mail blast.

Last week, I got an email sent to me with someone elses info - yet it was an invite to join their London business network. The business owner even replied to me. What a wasted opportunity to get it right at the first step.

WTF - you don’t know me so don’t spam from legitimate e-mail marketing services

It’s nice to know that companies like Mailchimp and Aweber make it so easy to send out an e-mail blast - but really, if you didn’t read the terms of service, if you bulk upload to Mailchimp, you have to CONFIRM that you legitimately know me.

So why is it companies insist on sending spam and then violate their agreement with Mailchimp or Aweber?

And why would you wast that first contact for your new business by being ignorant and spamming all those potentials?

Really - you only damage your company domain & reputation

Think again … if you’re a new business never use cold email lists because:

  1. Google Mail, Yahoo & Hotmail along with other email service providers will automatically send all your email to SPAM folders and you’ll never recover from that

  2. Service providers like Mailchimp will cancel your account forever

  3. You’ll never get anywhere with SEO, Adwords, etc if Google decides your domain is bad.

First Launch E-mail Strategy

To get going with first launch and early email marketing campaigns, use all the contacts you personally know. 70% of them will open the email if they know its from you and none of them are likely to unsubscribe are they.

I don’t claim to be an expert at digital marketing - but I know customer experience is majorly important. You’ve got to get your first contact right.

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