Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday in the UK. For a lot of people its more significant than the 2 minute silence on 11 November because they are out doing things related to their cause - remembering the ones who have gone before us, visiting relatives that are veterans or just being the Carer to someone who was injured during service.

This made me think about how social media marketing can play a part in cause related marketing and what I would do to support my cause. I believe in peaceful resistance, I studied trade unions and labour law at university and have also been a paying member who had to go out on strike.

Organise your cause - Collectives still have a chance

The recent example of [ id=”1817″ type=”post”]Twitter hashtag #ukuncut[/] has been used to good effect to bring like minded people together. What is the hashtag your cause or group would use?

Who can you tell about your cause?

Her Majesty, The Queen is now on Facebook - why not follow her?   She can’t have an opinion on Her Government - but I bet Remembrance Sunday would have been better if she could stand there knowing no UK armed forces were out in combat. Will Her Majesty see Peace again in Her Life?

Integrate your Marketing!

Its obvious to put your website address on any flyers - but do you put your website address on your email signature? Does your website show recent tweets from your Twitter account? Many charities and causes don’t have time to connect all the dots. Take 5 mins and evaluate what has to be tidied up.

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