Sketchbook Pro, in my opinion is the best iPad app for photo editing, graphic and web design. And its new update just makes it better. The new release makes it a great all round tool for note taking, wireframe and web design.

A Power tool for notes, sketches and mockups

I like to think I’m a pro digital photographer so I like my photo software to do amazing things - even if I cant. I’ve now started to use it more for note taking, free hand mockups, ideation, mind mapping and ‘sketching’. The new version now adds a text tool which means you can put a byline or comment on your photos or add text to banners or other tools.

Described as ‘One of Wired magazine’s “5 Must-Have iPad Apps”, the Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro for iPad™ drawing app is a professional-grade paint and drawing app’. The best feature all along was the ability to save or export your work as a photoshop file with layers ready for final touch ups.

Other features - are the social network tool - to upload to Flickr (Ill be trying that later!) and upload to Facebook (pfft who’d share great artwork to have it mangled by an image gallery tool).

If you haven’t got an iPad - and love your photos - then this is the app to try!

New Features in SketchBook Pro

✓ All New Layer Transform Tools!

• Combining all the feature requests we have gathered from users around the world the new Layer Transform Tools offer unprecedented speed and precision for moving, rotating, scaling and flipping layers in SketchBook Pro

• Lightning fast Multi-Touch interaction that makes manipulating your layers as intuitive as sliding objects around on a table

• Move, Rotate and Scale layers all at once with Free Mode or individually with specific Move, Rotate and Scale Modes

• Use the new Pivot Pin to control your rotation and scale pivot point

• Incremental rotation allows precise 45 degree movement

• Introduced new Horizontal and Vertical layer flipping

• Fixed a bug that would cause layers to get clipped if they moved outside the canvas area during transform

✓ Text Tool!

• Introducing our brand new Text Tool!

• Adjust font, size, color, rotation, placement and opacity interactively all while you edit

• Integrates the all new Layer Transform tools directly into the Text Tool. Move, Rotate, Scale Flip and Incremental Rotate are all available as well as the brand new Pivot Pin for accurate pivot positioning

• Keyboard hides automatically as you transform text

• Includes over 60 Fonts

✓ Social Networking Support!

• Export artwork directly from the gallery to your Flickr or Facebook accounts and share your creations with the world!

• Flickr upload allows you to specify your privacy level, title, description, tags and groups for artwork you upload

• Facebook upload allows you to specify captions and albums for your uploaded artwork

✓ Misc Bug Fixes

• Added progress indicator on startup when opening complex documents

• Major stability enhancements

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