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As I’m a Certified Scrum Master and very good at project and task management, I can say I enjoy running planning sessions with teams I do work with. Now I’ve started to discover the freedom of the Post-It Note for planning and brainstorming.

Even better, its essential for any startup to be able to focus on what has to be done and avoid distractions like outsiders wanting extra work or changes to scope.

Use a Visual Aid like Sprint Charts

With Scrum, it’s important to have the Sprint chart setup to visually show all the work being done. And it’s so much easier with a Post-It Note. You just write the task on the note and put it on the wall chart under ’not started’ and then as you need to, you just remove the note and move it along to the next stage.

If it’s on a Post-It Note - It needs to be done

Is that not liberating? I’m not trying to mimic a complex time management strategy with prioritised lists each day to figure out what tasks are still open and overdue. I’m not trying to follow a GTD approach - If it’s on a Post-It Note, it needs to get done.

Be Specific, Be Clear, Be Concise in Task or  Sprint Planning

I’ve also enjoyed reading Getting Real or Rework from the guys at 37 Signals (aka Basecamp, Highrise, etc) - the last point to make is - if you can’t fit the task onto one side of a Post-It Note, you’ve got too much detail.


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