Android users tend to download fewer apps - and this is because there is no computer application to easily browse and download apps in the same way that iTunes works for iOS devices. A few weeks back the revamped Android Market website was launched. But it still struggles to tie the phone to the computer.

Android Market revamped

The Android Market website has been around for a couple of years and generally featured static content. The newer website is much like the Google Chrome App Store - except for the style.

It’s very unfortunate that Google tried to add its toolbar along the top. It renders wrong on the screen and the links don’t work well.

Android Market home


Chrome Web Store


Android Market Keeps Track of your Installed Apps

If you’re using the Android Market on your phone - you may not be aware that your purchases and downloads are being used by the new website.

Once you login to the website and start clicking around, you’ll see that some apps show up as already installed. This is a great step forward.

Android Social  Android Market


Does Android need its own computer client?

Tethering and restrictions on how to install apps maybe a success factor for iPhone and the App Store. It’s good for Developers and content owners. This does reduce cloning and copying of apps, which is a problem in the Android market where an .apk (the application package) can be copied and side-loaded easily.

Forcing the user to connect their phone to a computer client to manage apps doesn’t make senses (it’s already a mobile computer - with the internet) - but such a client could provide

  • a great channel to promote new content,
  • a way to find and share new apps
  • a way to generate revenue for developers
  • a place to fix firmware issues

The Android eco-system could do with such a client, one that is out of the control of Operators, Device Manufacturers and 3rd party stores.


What do you think?


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