Is Revolutionary the easiest tool? (answer - no) If you’ve been keeping up with the world of custom rom’s to root your Android you may have heard about this. Revolutionary doesn’t get much of a mention as it’s still an Alpha release, but it does bring together to great development teams.

Revolutionary is only for Linux or Windows users and really supports the newer range of Android devices like the HTC Sensation

2 reasons to root your Android Smartphone

For me, two key reasons to root my phone are

  • Ability to take screenshots (which you still have to be Superuser / Root for)
  • Ability to make back-ups of the ROM

Of course there are other reasons like being able to install new ROM’s like Cyanogenmod (not yet ready for the HTC Sensation)

How to root your HTC Sensation

Rooting your phone is a personal choice and it has it risks which may invalidate any warranties.  Here’s a quick guide

  1. Download Revolutionary and install it
  2. Download HTC’s windows drivers
  3. Install Clockworkmod from the Android Market
  4. Turn off your phone and lift out the battery - write down the serial number
  5. Backup everything from your SD Card or phone (in case you decide to wipe your SD Card)
  6. Connect your phone to the PC and choose HTC Sync
  7. Run Revolutionary
  8. Wait 5 mins and it’s done. Your phone will cycle through a number of reboots but then it will be done!
  9. You need to download Superuser from the Android Market as well

See also this great guide from Android Authority

Always Keep your SD Card clean

Keep your SD Card in good health Always, always, always before messing with your SD Card – copy its contents to a safe place.

If you’ve just rooted your phone – backup all folders like Clockwork and the files like to your PC / Mac incase your SD card ever goes faulty or you wipe it.

Then think before you wipe your SD Card

Run Clockworkmod Rom Manager – format your SD Card and partition

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