This time last year … almost 12 months now, I was a keen follower of fashion. My wardrobe was made up of some of the best jeans money could buy. I only wore jeans, I’d always wear a long sleeve dress shirt and was starting to realise that a black dress shirt is amazing. I’d keep my eyes on the fashion rags and was always looking for another cool pair of jeans.

I believed, that I’d never, ever had to wear a suit.

Fast forward a year, I’ve now switched from jeans to suits … I’ve not brought a new pair of jeans in the past 12 months … Now, I find myself watching other suit wearers for something I might like … and I keep my eye on sales just cause I’m not prepared to spend £800 on one suit. I still read the same fashion rags, but I skip the jeans.

 So what changed? My career path changed.

I must say, what annoys me most about suits … is that the jacket is made up of the most material … yet it’s always the trousers that suffer the wear. And .. when the trousers are worn out .. you need to get a new suit!

Did this post have anything to do with career or work? Well yes it does … Always dress the best, always care for your suit (or jeans), always check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house …  because visual first impressions do count.