Enabling and Disabling Jetpack for WordPress individual plugins presented a bit of a challenge recently. Not having used Jetpack before, I thought it time to try out this collection of plugins developed and maintained by Automattic over the past 4 weeks.

I’ve discovered that Jetpack is a feature rich collection of plugins but I seriously doubled-up on plugins doing the same job. I didn’t need Google Analytics as well as WordPress Stats. Another concern is that a number of these plugins are activated by default .. so I really wanted to get them turned off.

How to admin your Jetpack Plugins

With Jetpack enabled (from Admin > Plugins ), you’ll now have a new Jetpack menu item.

Click it and see the list of plugins

If a plugin is not active, just click on the blue box to Activate it.

Deactivate Jetpack Plugin

If a plugin is active, it’s options are Learn More and Configure.

Click on Learn More -

Now the Plugin description window will expand and the button next to Learn More - will change to Deactivate.

Click on Deactivate

All done 🙂