Istope Visual Layouts

Isotope Visual Post Layouts makes it easy for anyone to add stunning underline visual effects and animation to their WordPress website.

With the release of this free plugin for WordPress, anyone can add visual effects without the need to change their website theme. Isotope Visual Post Layouts works with most themes and requires no coding.

^ UPDATED May 2020 - I plan to publish my last / archived version of this plugin

Bring your website to life – with stunning animation and visual effects thanks to Isotope by Metafizzy.

No coding and no theme to modify.  This is not a theme and you don’t need to know anything about HTML or CSS or coding. Just activate the plugin and create a new page (or post) this will save you hours of research on the Internet.

3 key features of Isotope Visual Post Layouts

  1. No Coding – install the plugin and create a page then add [[dbc_isotope]]

  2. Works with posts, categories & custom post types.

  3. Responsive layout which animates as you resize your browser (or rotate your tablet / smartphone)

Easy To Follow Tips & Screenshot

Easy to find under Appearances

just add a page with your shortcode options

Finished Result

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