There are lots of ways to earn reputation points on WordPress Answers on Stack Exchange. If you develop or are seriously interested in WordPress then go join WP Stack Exchange immediately.

WordPress Stack Exchange

Why bother with WordPress Answers?

Well let’s just say that it’s a nice way to ‘pay it forward’ - that’s to say if you give helpful answers you’ll get helpful answers.

How to grow your reputation on WordPress Answers

Stack Exchange is much like other social network - you earn reputation points and badges for doing stuff. Here are some sure fire ways to get more reputation points

  1. Complete your profile. It gets you a badge

  2. try reading all the FAQ’s at youll get a badge for that and

  3. check your priveldges.

  4. Answer questions before asking a question.

5 Be careful to not go asking questions that get you negative rep.

If you want to see who I’m helping or what I’m doing on WordPress Answers here is a link to my profile