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I wanted to give you a sneak peak at DBC Backup 2 and changes which are coming in the next version. DBC Backup 2 is a simple and easy way to safely backup your WordPress SQL database and store it on your webserver.

DBC Backup 2 - purpose and niche

I only recently ‘adopted’ this plugin for my own - and as much as I’d like to add features I don’t really want to change anything about it.

DBC Backup 2 exists to corner a niche where users want a background backup for their WordPress database and have the backup stored safely on their webserver.

I believe that features like send to e-mail are less safe (example: what if your mail account doesn’t accept large .zip files) and from a security perspective, this means sending your precious data via 3rd parties.

DBC Backup 2 - what’s changing?

DBC Backup 2.1 will be out shortly, the big difference will be the design of the admin panel has a clean, fresh look. In summary:

  • New Admin Panel Layout, consistent with other plugin layouts
  • Added a link from Installed Plugins to the Setting page,┬áconsistent with other many other plugins, I’ve added this link to make it easier to manage DBC Backup.
  • Added a deactivation function to delete saved preferences for this plugin. This is a big change to the user experience, but consistent with standard plugin usage.
  • Active / Activate option for the saved cron job is going to be moved to make it stand out. I believe many users forget to check this box.
  • Plugin Meta Boxes / Contact Options and links to FAQ’s and help will be added here.

I’ve been testing the plugin and checking the changes I’ve made and so far no gremlins. I’ll be testing it for another week I think and then ill push out the update to everyone.

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