If you’re just getting started with Social Media marketing then you need at least 1 web based tool to help you.

In 2011, I wrote a great article on the best tools to start with Social Media Marketing. A year later, things have changed, so I wanted to look back at my 2011 suggestions to see where they are now.


SMM Damien Saunders | Klout Influence

Keep track of your social media status and influence, albeit using  Klout’s own scoring. I wrote this before they ‘famously’ changed their algorithm and before everyone started to realise they were influential about anything. So Klout is becoming meaningless. Do you klouchebag?


SMM damien saunders GoSquared LiveStats

Real-time website visitor monitoring with  GoSquared is achievable with their WordPress plugin.  GoSquared, previously featured in a list of must have WordPress plugins. It is one the best new tools in CRM - real-time is the way to go. Google Analytics also launched their own real-time reporting so GoSquared has been working hard on API tools and other niche reporting features.

CoTweet  (May 2012 - CLOSED)

SMM Damien Saunders CoTweet

CoTweet has been praised many times before on my blog. It’s free product has now been closed and many are left wondering what to use instead.

Postrank (May 2012 - CLOSED)

SMM Damien Saunders PostRank

Postrank has now been aquired by Google. Back then I suggested it wasn’t all bad news. It’s still not ‘bad’ news, it’s just now hidden in the guts of Google Analytics.

Bit.ly Pro

The other tool I had to mention was Bit.ly Pro which is free - Why not get your own domain name so you too can share links like I do with http://damiens.ws. Twitter launched it’s own URL shortener and it seemed that maybe Bit.ly Pro’s market niche would disappear. They’re still here and acquiring other services like Twitterfeed.

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