If you’re into WordPress Security (which you should be) - then you’ve probably already played around with your .htaccess file to block comment spam. For a number of years now, Perishable Press has been working on a blacklist to help kills spam and other un-welcomes! Now in its 5th Generation the Blacklist is very powerful.

Perishable Press is a great source of information on .htaccess and URL rewrite rules - but I wanted to just highlight a couple of things (perhaps for my own memory).


Problem: 5G Blacklist blocks TimThumb image resizer

Solution - comment out this line in the 5G List and retest

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} :         [NC,OR]

see: comments page 1

Problem: 5G Blacklist blocks WordPress Appearance > Menu Options

Solution - check you have the latest version of the 5G Blacklist code and retest


There is now also WordPress Add-on for the 5G Blacklist



How to stop WordPress Comment Spam Instantly - by me

Perishable Press 5G Blacklist

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