Axure can be made to play responsively - here are 3 responsive browser widths and a truly responsive nav bar.

This is just a follow-up to an earlier post today on responsive layouts in Axure. It’s easy to make the nav bar responsive and even tested this with rotation. Pinch to zoom also gave some unexpected delight.

Updated for 4 responsive design layouts

10 April 2012 - The demo has now been updated to support 4 design layouts

  • screens wider than 1024 / 960 Grid
  • 1024px / 960 Grid
  • 768px for iPad and other tablets
  • 320px for iPhone and other mobiles

Axure makes mobile app development pretty easy

Tested this on a number of mobiles - iPad3 (needs a larger width!), Android 4.0 ICS - Amazing results.