Twitter Bootstrap provides a great CSS framework and design philosophy making it easy to get going with your new web-based enterprise. So it only seemed natural Axure needs a widget library for Twitter Bootstrap.

Axure has been my tool of choice for UX / UI wireframing and prototyping since July 2011. It was forced on me. Having been a fan of Omnigraffle and Balsamiq, I was resistant to change. Then I discovered the power of templates, generators and prototypes. Amazing!

Axure Widget Library for Twitter Bootstrap

I’ve made a careful selection of common elements for your next project. You can check out (if you have the Axure browser extension)

These are primarly buttons and alert notifications.

  • Danger - alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Success - alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Notification - alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Information - alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Close - add this character where you will.

I’ve also added a few buttons and created button-dropdowns and split button dropdowns.

Buttons include

  • Primary
  • Default
  • Danger
  • Success
  • Split-button Primary
  • Button-dropdown Primary

Twitter Bootstrap for Axure 6 Click to Download.

Twitter Bootstrap for Axure 6.5 v2 Click to Download.

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