MarsEdit the preferred desktop and offline blogging application for WordPress and Apple Mac users has updated.This is mostly a bug-fix release and the update will automatically install for most users.

What’s in this release?

The release note highlights a few good things for WordPress users such as:

  • Media management improvements
    • iPhoto Faces browsing support
    • Lightroom photo collection set support
  • Flickr browser improvements
    • Now supports “Medium 640″ size
    • Only shows image sizes that are available for the selected image
  • External Editing improvements
    • Now supports Byword in default editor list
  • Bug Fixes
    • Prevent a crash when selecting SVG format images
    • Disable width/height fields for non-image files in Upload Utility
    • Fix a bug where post IDs were sometimes not saved for posts and pages

MarsEdit brings desktop blog editing to your Mac

I’ve been using MarsEdit for about 12 months now. It means I can draft and prepare articles for publishing later and don’t need a internet network connection. I also use Scrivener to write all my articles and then just copy / paste to MarsEdit to publish.

MarsEdit works with WordPress

MarsEdit works really well with WordPress, though you can use it with many other blogging platforms like Blogger for instance.

MarsEdit allows you to easily:

  • Create Drafts and save locally
  • Set a future publishing date
  • Set a status for your post such as Draft or Publish
  • Add custom fields for images
  • Drag n drop images
  • Edit already published posts
  • Set warnings to prevent you publishing without adding any category or tags


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