The first release candidate for the next version of WordPress 3.2 is here.

Should I update to this release candidate?

As this is a release candidate you shouldn’t use this on a really important live site - but it does mean it’s pretty stable and useful. You may find that you have issues with plugins and themes as developers work to support this RC.

WordPress 3.2 what you can expect

WordPress 3.2 has already had 2 beta releases - so this RC is getting close to the finished product. The key features you can find in the next release are:

Improved look n feel / user experience to the Admin pages (finally)

Integrated the admin homepage header (with the WordPress Logo) with the left hand menu

Admin bar has changed for single install and network admins

Admin left hand menu has changed with big text to collapse / hide

The 3.2RC release note talks about 350+ bugs / tracs closed