I’ve just made the switch - or as we speak, I’m starting to learn about this ’new’ tool for writers called Scrivener. Described as the app for writers, journalists and anyone that needs to write short or long stories, Scrivener collects together scraps of articles, research material and helps to draft your writing.

To me, the biggest problem with regular blogging is the interface. If you blog on the go then you already know that the WordPress admin suite is not very accessible when you’re in a plane, train or automobile. The WordPress web console is best for the finished product - drafts and ideas of posts and pages need to be made somewhere else.

My motivation in switching to Scrivener is to make it easier for me to take concepts of new posts, write them as scraps and then finish them off - to help overcome ‘writers block’.  I’d also like a tool that makes it easy to write longer blog posts that could become longer articles, whitepapers or split up over a few days and weeks.

I guess I’d expect big things from such a tool - It’s definitely got a lot of features. I’ve read of Scrivener in a number of places, it’s biggest appeal is linked to the concept of allowing yourself time to write and not trying to force yourself to publish a post on your blog to a Daily Deadline.

Let’s see if Scrivener makes an impact - If you’re an Apple Mac user you’ll find Scrivener in the App Store.


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