So you decided to jump right in and try your own social media marketing event. Here is some more detail for planning a Foursquare Swarm Badge Party.

There are no assumptions here … take a look at my Foursquare case study to see how this worked.

Your Target market

You’re targeting customers who already have smart phones and potential customers too who use Foursquare. So you better get an RSVP attendees list going and have a competition on the day to collect details of new leads.

For your customers who might come along and don’t have a smart phone (really they exist!!) get them to join Foursquare and they can check-in by using the great

For People with Android or Iphone or Blackberry or Nokia show them to how to join Foursquare

Your Goal is Your Return on Investment

Don’t be cheeky and say you’re having a party for the sake of it … be clear what you expect to gain.

If you want to get 50 new friends on Foursquare cool, but maybe you run a restaurant and your goal is to full the tables on a quiet night.

Be clear about your aims and your customers will also be happy about this.

Why people would come to a Foursquare Party?

The Foursquare users community would be drawn probably by some other motives:

  • For a minority – it’s the cool badge
  • For some – to socialise (a cool event, where to meet people you might know virtually or can bring a friend)
  • Competition (to get something, compete for something, get a bonus)
  • Business opportunity (for social media marketing, advertising, pr people – who want Foursquare to develop and come along for that reason)

So make sure your WIIFM whats in it for me factor is appealing in line with your goals.

Promote the event

Put an Add Tip Here Foursquare badge on your website and start tweeting about the event. Send an email to all your customers and leads and invite them along.

Put a Checkin Here Foursquare sign on your shop and posters up about the event.

Use an event RSVP tool so you can start to understand how much interest there is.

Be a Foursquare Marketing Expert

If you haven’t already, then you can claim your stores in Foursquare.

The easiest way to manage this is to create a Foursquare account in the name of your brand or client. Then start adding as friends anyone who checks-in to your store.

I bet you can get 50+ new friends tomorrow that use foursquare 🙂

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