Creating an effective marketing strategy during a recession is tough. When you’re faced with budget cuts to your marketing spend or trying to figure out what you can do with no budget then you need a plan. The third step to this plan is to get your message right

What is your customer telling you?

Customers are always looking for 2 things - The right price or a better offer. Westerners may not be as good at bargaining as some cultures are, but we all want to know we got a good deal. Your marketing messages need only to get the customer to your website or retail store, but that’s hard work.

Message = Noise + Perfect Fit

People working in advertising or marketing should know that ads are either product specific or about branding. Too much of both can be a turn off for customers – or noise, you hear or see the advert, but you don’t remember any of it. You could just focus on running branding adverts which attempt to get customers to ‘feel’ that your Brand or Company is more suited to them.

Right Time – Right Place

Targeted advertising inside Google Gmail attempts to show that right time right place is the best way to get success or a click through on your message. For online marketing, this works for paid search or SEM.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new frontier and SMM provides one of the lowest cost and most effective marketing channels today. SMM integrates very well with traditional advertising (PR, Radio, Print, Billboards) and should be deeply integrated with mobile marketing.

Your brand or business’ goal with social media marketing needs to have a focus – gaining good customer referrals and gaining sales.

In the next post on effective marketing strategy, I’ll look at the online tools you’ll want to use.

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