In Lithuania mobile penetration is almost at 150% - so is this all from younger people sim swapping?

Mobile Youth in Lithuania (16-24 yo) are all using multi-sims for the best deals and free calls. The 3 main operators are Omnitel, Bite and Tele2. Freedom of choice means that handsets are not subsidised very much and customers have to pay full price for a phone. Even the the ‘popular’ iPhone is over priced and still exclusive with one operator and on a 24 month contract.

I previously posted about the high stats for internet usage in the younger age group .. at around 95% with internet access. what I didn’t mention is that about 1.3 million users in total have internet access via their mobile phone so a high number of younger people may have primary access to the internet only using their phone.

So far mobile youth are calling and texting each other - one thing I discovered is that MMS has not taken off. This could be due to fly by night mobile marketing tactics that have caused much negativity so I’m learning.

Of course - GetJar one of the largest free app stores is a Lithuanian company, probably with high hopes for good growth in paid for mobile internet usage and apps.

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