In Lithuania the usage of the internet is reaching saturation point. A 2009 official report shows 95% of young people aged 16-24 with internet access.

Lithuania has one of the highest per capita access to broadband ratios due to small land mass and population of just under 4 million. It’s also atypical of ‘westernised’ European markets and the Lithuanian youth are no different - wanting mobile phones, good clothes, good education and a future with a good job (most likely in London).

Internet Usage for the younger age group is strong because of ease of access at school, home or work and using their mobile. The same study indicated that 94% have young people have at least weekly access to the internet.

Actual demand or needs driven internet usage has a long way to go - one of the most common online activities is internet banking, internet shopping is not as common as you might expect.

Of course the usual youth internet needs are met - chat to friends, use & manage social networks and consume social media.

Are you working in Eastern Europe? Got any ideas on how to grow internet usage? or market to younger people.

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