WordPress is one of the best end to end solutions for building a website and it has a large selection of themes, plugins and tools to make it more than just another blog. I recommend WordPress at the start of any project - just because it typically requires less management involvement or decisions from the IT or Tech teams to get started with.

Having spent a lot more time writing about Social Media lately, I wanted to collect these posts into an editable collection (maybe I should have started by writing all my posts in word you might say).

How to Export WordPress to PDF

I quickly found BlogBooker which takes your WordPress Export XML and converts it to a downloadable PDF.

To export your WordPress XML you go to the Tools menu and Export the posts you want (or both posts and pages).

Upload the file to BlogBooker and then download the PDF file which will nicely include URL links and comments.

How to Convert PDF to Word on a Mac

Choose your favourite PDF to Word converter (in this case I used the DeskUNPDF for Mac) and let it rip

In the version I was using, I first needed to ‘Save As’ as the converted document was Rich Text Format and not Word Doc.

So that was an easy free and fast way to export your blog from WordPress to Word Doc.

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