CleanAdmin delivers a much need style change to your WordPress admin section. WordPress is (just about) the world’s favourite blog and web publishing platform, yet changes to the overall design and usability have been ignored in favour of delivering new tools and functions for bloggers and blog readers.

Freshen your WordPress look n feel with just one plugin

Enter CleanAdmin the plugin to clean up the backend of WordPress. Ironically, this plugin is just like changing a theme. There are css style changes which

  • Change the base font to San Serif giving WordPress a fresh web 2.0 look
  • Add drop shadows to the borders around the floating menus
  • Change the expand/collapse arrows to black making them more visible
  • Change the icons in the visual toolbar

These changes may not really customise WordPress admin areas but I hope theme developers sub-licence CleanAdmin and include this plugin in their theme packages (hint hint Woothemes), that way more people can enjoy CleanAdmin.

Tags: WordPress

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