Foursquare usage peaks on the Saturday night reports BitsyBot Labs who studied a weeks worth of checkin data from the geo location based mobile social network. Well that’s nothing new - anyone working in mobile and content or value added services will be able to match that insight with data usage and revenue trends.

Saturday Nights all-right for Checkin Mania

I love that BitsyBot completed this research and it will help lots of poor social media marketing people looking to calculate an ROI. This would help to plan for more social media marketing focus on the mobile, events and venues on Friday and Saturdays.

The website put up by BitsyBot allows you to manipulate categories and reveals a bit more about our shopping and eating habits. Shopping checkins remain consistent on a day to day basis peaking around 3000 checkins per hour on Saturday lunch time. Eating trends show on week days people eat 3 meals but on weekends, we only eat 2 (or only want to tell our friends about 2 ‘meals)

BitsyBot Labs needs to extend the study to several months

I’d give BitsyBot Labs a bit of $$ towards extending the study - what about network reach? do my fans and followers go to places I checkin? or do you need a location / recommendation app for that? ¬†and what about age-ist information? and do most users only checkin to one city?

Have you checked out the Foursquare Trends page? what do you think?

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