Running competitions using social media is a good way for brands and businesses to create welcome visitors and friends to their sites. You can now take that competition mobile using mobile apps, games or mobile websites and you don’t have to use SMS.

Using Social Media to get your customers discovering you on their mobile

Your marketing messages on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can direct existing customers to discover your mobile website or to download a mobile app. Read up on whats currently hot in social media.

Mobile internet usage is really popular for smartphones like Android and iPhone with good screen size and great browsing experience. It means your customers can always access your shop or website when they are not in front of their PC. It’s now even possible to go direct to facebook fan page via the mobile.

Create Competitions on the Mobile that don’t use SMS

In the past marketing campaigns focused SMS messaging for competitions.  This allowed a business to build a flat file or excel spreadsheet of ‘customers’, but the data was useless outside of the competition unless there was an opt-in for marketing message. 2010 will be the year when it becomes more popular to use Social Media and Mobile not SMS, brands can now ’engage’ customers and ‘create conversations’. Customers will tell you more and love to use mobile apps and mobile games.

How will you make mobile part of your marketing strategy?

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