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Bottle of Taurasi DOCG wine


Italy’s enigmatic grape variety known for its bold character and complex flavors - some call it the Nebbiolo of the South. If you like Barolo you’ll probably like this.
Notable Regions: Italy South,
Tastes of: Forest floor, Mushroom, Plums, Cherries,
Style of Wine: Dry,

Albariño / Alvarino

Spain’s charismatic grape variety that weaves tales of ocean breezes, lush orchards, and irresistible flavors.
Notable Regions: Spain, Portugal,
Tastes of: Saline, Apple, Pear, Grapefruit,
Style of Wine: Dry,


Cinsault, often used in blends, offers light and fruity wines, thriving in warm climates and ready for immediate enjoyment.
Notable Regions: France, South Africa,
Tastes of: Red fruit, Floral,
Style of Wine: Dry,


Corvina, a distinguished grape with a legacy of elegance, produces wines spanning from dry to sweet, each showcasing its unique characteristics.
Notable Regions: Italy - Veneto,
Tastes of: Cherry, Plum, Dried fruit, Spice,
Style of Wine: Dry,


Explore the bold and vibrant Malbec grape, renowned for its dark fruit flavors and plush texture.
Notable Regions: France South West, Argentina,
Tastes of: Blackberry, Plum, Violet,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry,


Discover Marsanne, a rich and aromatic white grape variety known for its flavors of apricot, pear, and almond.
Notable Regions: France Northern Rhône,
Tastes of: Apricot, Peach, Honeysuckle,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry,

Petit Verdot

Explore the unique characteristics of Petit Verdot, a bold and complex grape variety known for its deep color and rich flavors.
Notable Regions: France South West, New Zealand,
Tastes of: Black cherry, Plum, Violet, Spice,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry, Sweet,


Discover the crisp acidity and refreshing citrus flavors of Picpoul wines from Languedoc to California.
Notable Regions: France, Australia, USA,
Tastes of: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Saline,
Style of Wine: Dry, Sparkling,


Discover Semillon, a versatile white grape known for its ability to produce a wide range of styles from crisp and zesty to rich and honeyed, influenced by its terroir and winemaking techniques.
Notable Regions: France Bordeaux, Australia,
Tastes of: Lemon, Honey, Fig,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry, Sweet,


Explore the elegant profile of Silvaner, known for its crisp acidity, subtle fruit flavors, and versatility in dry and off-dry styles. Discover its origins in Germany’s Franken and Rheinhessen, and its expressions in Austria’s Burgenland region.
Notable Regions: Germany, Austria,
Tastes of: Green apple, Pear, Herbal notes,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry,

Syrah / Shiraz

Discover the versatile Syrah / Shiraz, known for its bold flavors of blackberry and pepper, and its ability to produce rich and complex wines with medium to high tannins.
Notable Regions: France Rhône Valley, Australia Barossa Valley,
Tastes of: Blackberry, Blueberry, Pepper,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry, Sweet,


Discover Torrontés, a fragrant white grape variety known for its floral aromas, vibrant acidity, and refreshing character, originating from Argentina and gaining popularity globally.
Notable Regions: Argentina, Spain,
Tastes of: Floral, Citrus, Lemon, Stone fruit, Peach, Apricot,
Style of Wine: Dry,

Trebbiano Toscano / Ugni Blanc

Discover Trebbiano Toscano / Ugni Blanc, a versatile white grape known for its high acidity, light body, and refreshing citrus and herbal notes, widely used in Italian and French winemaking traditions.
Notable Regions: Italy (Tuscany), France (Cognac, Armagnac),
Tastes of: Citrus, Lemon, Grapefruit, Green apple, Herbal notes,
Style of Wine: Dry,


Explore Verdelho, a versatile white grape known for its refreshing acidity, medium body, and vibrant tropical fruit flavors of lime, pineapple, and passion fruit, making it ideal for both dry and sweet styles of wine.
Notable Regions: Portugal, Australia,
Tastes of: Lime, Pineapple, Passion fruit,
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry, Sweet,


Explore Viognier, a luscious white grape celebrated for its full body, aromatic floral notes, and flavors of peach and apricot. Discover why Viognier thrives in both Old World and New World wine regions, including Australia.
Notable Regions: France (Rhone Valley), Australia,
Tastes of: Peach, Apricot, Floral ( violet, orange blossom),
Style of Wine: Dry, Off dry, Sweet,


Explore Xinomavro, Greece’s noble red grape known for its high acidity, robust tannins, and flavors of sour cherry and tomato, offering age-worthy wines with distinctive character.
Notable Regions: Greece,
Tastes of: Sour cherry, Tomato, Olive,
Style of Wine: Dry,