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Are you responsible for using Twitter at your office? Or maybe you started answering questions from customers on Facebook … if so you should check what your company policy on social media says.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy & What should it cover

You need a policy to protect yourself and your company – that policy needs to recognise that we all use social media & social networks every day.

The policy should be specific about what people can and can’t so or do on social networks and should also make it easier for individual employees to talk about topics related to their profession for example. The policy should also protect individuals and provide guidance in case something does go wrong.

A couple of other key tactical points to consider are:

• Usually needs HR to set up a staff usage policy
• May need IT to allow access to Facebook & YouTube
• Can’t be open to using social media and then block staff from using it

Social Media Policy Template

You can download a free sample social media policy to use as a template for creating your own policy.

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