WSET3 Palate Notes

Body - Medium,
Acid - Low,
Tannin - High,
Alcohol - Medium.

Tastes Like: Apple, Almond, Citrus

The Palomino grape is a white grape variety primarily known for its use in the production of sherry, particularly in the Jerez region of Spain. This grape variety, also known as Listán in the Canary Islands, is celebrated for its versatility and ability to produce a range of wine styles from dry to sweet.

What You Can Expect to Taste and Smell?

Palomino wines typically exhibit delicate aromas of apple, almond, and citrus. On the palate, they are medium-bodied with low acidity and moderate alcohol content. The flavor profile is often subtle, making it an excellent base for fortified wines like sherry.

Comparison of Cool vs Warm Climates

In cooler climates, Palomino tends to retain more acidity, resulting in fresher and more vibrant wines. These wines often have pronounced citrus and green apple notes.

In warmer climates, the grape develops richer flavors, with more pronounced almond and stone fruit characteristics, and the wines tend to have a fuller body and higher alcohol content.

Key Regions and Name Some Appellations or Producers of Note

Key Regions:

  • Spain: Particularly the Jerez region, which is renowned for its sherry production.
  • South Africa: Increasingly used in blending and producing fortified wines.

Notable Producers:

  • González Byass (Spain)
  • Emilio Lustau (Spain)
  • Rey Fernando de Castilla (Spain)
  • Boplaas Family Vineyards (South Africa)


Palomino wines, particularly those used in sherry production, have excellent aging potential. Fino sherries are typically consumed young to appreciate their fresh and crisp character, while Amontillado and Oloroso sherries can age for decades, developing complex nutty and caramelized flavors. Still wines made from Palomino are best enjoyed within a few years of production.

First Published: Monday, Jun 10, 2024 Last updated: Jun 10, 2024

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