I’m the type who is always overwhelmed by TV advertising - as I don’t watch ’live’ TV or commercial TV with ads I often find myself watching adverts on the internet for the sake of it! I even occasionally, download these adverts to save them and watch them again and again and again and -

Can I just say I’m against flashmobs, my new found British sensibility (*read - I’ve just handed in my UK citizenship application) does not condone such public displays - it’s embarrassing and I was overexposed to the last T-mobile flashmob thanks to my gyms in-house digital signage.

What’s more painful to me, is to think how much this cost T-mobile to show the advert simultaneuously on pretty much every commercial TV and pay TV channel last Friday. So much could have been done with that budget - think of all those mobile apps, social media fan pages and lost opportunities to engage customers in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube or umm Vimeo in this instance.

T-Mobile Heathrow T5 Welcome Back from World Television on Vimeo.

So what do you think? does TV advertising still have a role in the social media world?

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