A short guide with b2b marketing tips for improving your content sales and improve your content using mmCHANNEL’s new API.

1. Got an upcoming marketing campaign? Need Content? Now any marketing campaign can include digital content like tones, songs, games from a selection of mmCHANNEL manages.

2. Drive traffic to your website or fanpage You can setup a content shop in your existing website using the mmCHANNEL b2bAPI with no need to build any other platforms

3. Increase your depth of content catalogue You can extend your content shop and use the mmCHANNEL b2bAPI to include all the digital content that we manage.

4. Refresh your mobile strategy Mobile Content - for sale or free to download - is a great way to get people coming to your mobile site and the mmCHANNEL b2bAPI allows content downloads by SMS or from a mobile internet site

5. Its cloud computing but not as we know it Because the mmCHANNEL b2b API is available everywhere in the world you can think of this as cloud computing with the difference that people are there to help you all along the way.

Call or email me to find out how to do this.

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