The next version of DBC Backup 2 is just around the corner - I’ve held it back to better test the backup files and tinker with the admin panel.

So What’s in DBC Backup 2 v2.3?

Key features of this version are

  1. Support for SQL server 5.5 and up

  2. Removes annoying debug log errors

  3. Transitions from mysql to mysqli

  4. Admin panel now has a default save location and creates a Backup folder inside WP-Content directory.

  5. Admin panel now has a Status panel to let you know that your backup folder is protected

Note - this version requires SQL Server 5.5 or up and may not be compatible with old versions of SQL Server

Testing DBC Backup 2

Testing this version is the hardest yet - this is because the backup file is being changed and there are changes to MySQL as well.


About DBC Backup 2

DBC Backup 2 is one of the easiest to use WordPress database backup tools around. It can be setup to run automatically in the background. The backup files are stored safely on your webserver - this is normally free space provider by your web host.

DBC Backup 2 is one of only a few WordPress plugins that creates its own SQL file. DBC Backup 2 has been downloaded more than 8,000 times.