Until a few days ago, I’d been relying on e-mail to manage your support requests. During the past 3 months I’ve looked at different options to provide support and also publish user guides and support material - beyond what’s in the readme files.

Announcing Help & User Guides for Pro Plugins

Anyone who has brought a Pro plugin from me, will now get access to Help

Key features of the new site include:

  • Growing set of FAQ’s (knowledge base) for each plugin
  • Create a Ticket / Support request
  • All done with WordPress
  • Pro Plugin users automatically get access
  • Rating / Voting on topics


This section is a work in progress - I’ve actually been too sick over the past 2 weeks to answer many emails (sorry about that ) - and thought that a reference section like this would be a help for everyone!


How to access?

You’ll need to login with your username and password details that you choose when you purchased your plugins.