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Reformatting a computer is usually an emotionally distressful activity - involving losing files, trying to find software discs and panic about lost licence codes.

Over the years, I’ve reformatted and deleted many computers - kind of like giving your computer a semi annual service. As a result of noticing something not running right .. it just has to be done.

Today’s reformat went faster then I expected.

Reformat your Apple Mac and reinstall OSx operating system

Once you are happy that you have moved all the files you think you want to keep … All you do is:

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet
  • Shutdown and then Start your mac while holding cmd+r
  • Select Disk Utility
  • Erase your hard disc
  • Quit Disk Utility
  • Select Install Operating System
  • Login with your Apple ID

The install screen changed from 1.5 hrs to 2hrs and then suddenly it seemed to be done. I’d say it depends on the internet connection and if it’s downloading lots of small files or large files.

After you’re reformat and install is done, you’ll spend 10 minutes going through your 1st Time User Configuration options … and then it’s done … and you have a crisp and shiny new Mac.

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