In WordPress going mobile is easy … you could actually find that your website theme is already Responsive, so maybe ‘doing nothing’ is a valid answer.

What are your choices to mobilise a WordPress Website?

You have 4 choices

  1. Choose a Responsive Theme for your site (Responsive adapts for different screen sizes) most work from WooThemes is now responsive.
  2. Choose a plugin like WPTouchPro which is both plugin and theme)
  3. Build a second site which you access at, this duplicates all the content and has its own theme
  4. Do nothing - which is valid option if your mobile visitors are using iPads or hi-res smartphones
  • there is a 5th option - inform yourself and make your own choice - there are dozens of great books and websites about WordPress & Mobile Web Development like this one from Wrox.


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Answer by Damien for Strategy for making a mobile version of an existing site?

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