Istope Visual Layouts

Isotope Visual Post Layouts is my plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to add some stunning visual effects to your blog. I’ve just updated the plugin and if you have this installed, then WordPress should tell you automatically to update sometime in the next 24 hours.

Isotope Visual Post Layouts version 0.31 is out

I’ve just updated the plugin to v0.31, it’s tested and supported on WordPress 3.4.2 and I also fixed a bug and added a feature.

the full changelog is

  1. tested / supports up to WordPress 3.4.2

  2. fixed a bug - the default order was oldest posts first (should be newest)

  3. added support for another shortcode attribute you can now use [[dbc_isotope order=DESC]] or change it to ASC if you want to sort by oldest posts.

  4. (0.31) Fixed bug with broken link in Admin > Plugins that takes you to Appearances.