I’ve been using EvoHosting for a good couple of years now and have always been impressed by their service and flexibility. I’ve felt my site has suffered in recent months - I just feel the performance has suffered and have few options to speed-up my website.

So sometimes you want more freedom to control your server (like Rackspace), but using a shared server gives you few choices to do this. Here is the solution for WordPress sites hosted by EvoHosting UK which you can implement now.

PHP Allocated Memory

There are 3 commonly accepted approaches to increasing the PHP allocated memory

  1. Change PHP.ini file (can’t do this for EvoHosting clients)
  2. Edit wp-config.php (did this but it made no impact)
  3. Edit .htaccess (did this, it worked)

So open your favourite Text Editor / FTP programe and navigate to your WordPress root folder.

Open to edit the .htaccess file and paste in these 2 lines at the top:

[php] #WordPress Increase PHP Memory php_value memory_limit 64M [/php]

Can’t find your .htaccess file .. then check you can see hidden files - or try updating your Permalinks

After you save and close your you .htaccess file I recommend you loggout and quit your browser and the restart it.

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