Recently I moaned about the state of comments and spam - and I hinted that comments would be enabled across my website again.

My interests in social media do extend to ’the Facebook’ - but my expertise is definitely not with that network. Given a limited number of hours in each day, I have enough social media stuff to do.

Facebook Comments

Only a few months back, Facebook launched their own comments system allowing external websites an easy way to integrate with Facebooks own commenting system.

The benefit for any service provider or website is this brings their external site a bit closer to the world of Facebook.  The benefit for Facebook is to grow insights on popular websites and other properties.

While my little ol’ website is not a massive property - it will be useful to learn more about Facebooks own insights and analytics tools.

Will Facebook Comments solve comments & spam

Facebook Comments has now been activated on my main website and I’ve turned off WordPress comments. At the bottom of each post you’ll now see a comments block like this:

What I hope is to find that people’s comments improve and let’s see what happens next with the spam and the dark arts of SEO. What I expect find is just more spam from ’legit’ Facebook people.

Will it all be Bacon & Ham?  Now have your say.

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