Are you suffering from Android Market download issues? Have you just rooted your Android with Cyanogenmod and found you can’t download Google Maps?

If you can’t download Google Maps it’s because most Android phones have a download cache limited to 3MB and Google Maps is a whooping 5.4MB.

How to Download large files after rooting your Android

The answer to your problems is S2E simple2ext - which moves your download cache off the phone to your SD Card.

You’ll need to reboot your phone just the one time and then you can go download Google Maps.

WARNING - This app can damage your SD Card (at the least) - at least its not a hazard to your health

Keep your SD Card in good health

Always, always, always before messing with your  SD Card - copy its contents to a safe place.

If you’ve just rooted your phone - backup all folders like Clockwork and the files like to a safe place

Then *think* before you wipe your SD Card

Run Clockworkmod Rom Manager - format your SD Card and partition

Once you’ve done that - go install S2E


Get S2E from the Android Market.

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