Get Satisfaction - its what you want when you ring a call centre - like your bank, your tax office or some other service provider. Get Satisfaction, if you don’t know it is the name of a powerful web based customer service tool which helps customers to connect and help themselves.

I’ve just launched a Get Satisfaction forum to demonstrate the features of their free service - and it works well.

Why Get Satisfaction?

Get Satisfaction has a number of cool features for you customers and if you are looking for a social CRM / new helpdesk then consider Get Satisfaction because:

  • Its easy to post a comment or request for help
  • Good Social Tools to like or rate comments
  • No need to create an account customers can login with Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Comment threading
  • Tools for Facebook, Widgets for website
  • Good for SEO - integrates well for Google Search Results

What it doesn’t do is - helpdesk and trouble ticketing or offer FAQ’s and knowledge base functions. But Get Satisfaction is integrated well with Zendesk amongst others.

Hosted vs Internal Deployment of Helpdesk & FAQ tools

Pricing models might not suit your business, but then there is a trade-off between a fully hosted software as a service help desk - or the cost of building it yourself.

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