In a few years time, many of us will want to retire - what’s going to happen to us and our communities we live in if suddenly todays 20 and 30 somethings are 80? What music or digital entertainment will there be? Remembering also that as we start ‘age’ we will have to work later in life beyond today’s retirement age.

If, the aging population is bigger than the younger generation - does that mean nightclubs, discos and places like Ibiza will become the place for the 70+ age group? At what point will content like music, film and even mash-up user generated content have to retune to support either the stay at home ‘clubbers’ or OAP (old age pensioners) clubbers?

Today’s 30+ set are starting to appreciate that if old rockers like the Stones are still on the stage - what will it be like for us to be 60 and going to see Depeche Mode, U2 or artists like Bjork and Portishead. Will we all need to exist in a silent disco with the volume down low to not affect our ears?

What does that mean for the clubs, their management and the artists?

Tags: concerts, digital sales, future, Music, retirement

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