Opinion: There are many online services that customers will turn to for support when your customer service goes bad - be on top of what is going on. It may even save you money.

More than 40 percent of online chat about UK mobile operators is related to customer service issues. Not only is customer care the most common topic of discussion, it also attracts the most negative sentiment, with only one UK operator, Orange, scoring positively, reports WaveMetrix.

Discussion relating to customer care accounted for 41 percent of all operator-centric discussion. Network quality and value for money were also important, attracting 23 percent and 20 percent of discussion respectively, whereas new services such as data portals received much less interest.

Portals such as http://3g.co.uk become central discussion points for many customers to vent frustration at poor service, poor products or just plain poor phones. A good strategy to get to know your customer better is to skim read the conversation threads and look at what is getting the most attention (you never know it might be the latest way to get free calls for prepaid customers).


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