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Gowalla may just be a buzzword for the latest social media marketing trend – but with more people getting smart or superphones that ‘can’ multi-task location based mobile social networks are set to be the in thing. Gowalla just needs some tools for business owners or super users to curate or manage business and locations listing (or to give me access to these).

Without some of these basic tools for store owners or community managers the opportunitiy to market using Gowalla are very limited. A store or community manager needs to be able to correct location details in Gowalla which can be wrong or to update contact details or add a description.

Gowalla is a free location social network allowing users to checkin, collect pins and also collect gifts which can be swapped or left at a venue for other users to pickup. Gowalla already has an estimated 1.4 million locations or points of interest which are all contributed by its users – your customers.

So come on Gowalla …. give us some tools! and where is your European / UK support?

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