Today’s marketing activities are changing - you can say old skool marketing is being overtaken by new skool ideas and techniques. Social Media Marketing techniques mean you can integrate activities across the marketing mix and do it for ‘free’. Before you cut your budget for traditional marketing like PR, Direct Mail, Radio, Press, TV or Outdoor - STOP - Think about it and find out how to integrate your social media marketing into your traditional marketing channels and take the conversation online.

What is amazing about this new CK Jeans billboard is not the lack of imagery - but the imagination behind it - perhaps the QR Code or 3D barcode has a unique URL so the marketing dept can track conversions from this outdoor billboard?

Much of the change and general movement away from traditional marketing activities is driven by cost reduction, declining ROI from these channels and lack of good leads or sales. When the CFO asks for justification to continue that TV Ad, that Radio spot or online marketing - tell him the integration across the marketing mix makes up for the individual concerns about Twitter, etc.

Rule 7 - integrate social media marketing activities with traditional marketing plans and come up with something new. Anyone for a direct mail with a barcode to download an iPhone or Android app?

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