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Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It’s only a few hours til the start of the Apple WWDC which is ‘the biggest’ event in the year for Apple Fans.

Something borrowed or something blue? Apple, Lion & iOS5

Does Apple’s new software tickle your fancy? does the idea of conjoined operating systems for mobile and computers excite you?

Yeh I really want a touch-screen on my MacBook Pro – but that will never happen.


Something old or something new? Apple + Music Industry

Today is the day when Steve Jobs will try  to answer the Question ‘What to do with a problem like the music industry’  Can Apple save the record labels or will it a be a me-too streaming music agreement?

My bet is on a streaming music agreement for mobile and a personal ‘locker’ with a fixed number of free downloads a month.


We can wait to see …



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