When writing instruction about shortcodes, wrapping shortcodes in a codespan, code-block or code-fence doesn’t stop them from running.

If you want a show the shortcode on the page - but not run it or prevent it from escaping then you need to try what works …

shortcodes look like {{< myshortcode >}}

to escape or stop them running … try

{{</* myshortcode */>}} and that should result in {{< myshortcode >}} showing on the page

For me that didnt work …

and I find in markdown I have to write {&lbrace;</* myshortcode */>&rbrace;}

I also use the nohighlight shortcode for code-fences

&lbrace;{< nohighlight >}}{&lbrace;< myshortcode >&rbrace;}
&lbrace;{< /nohighlight >}}