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What shortcuts or widgets should you save to the desktop of you Anrdoid phone? As a marketing consultant I’ve customised my phone lots (thanks to Cyanogenmod) .. but my desktop stays the same.

I don’t have many widgets as they eat up battery life (and annoyingly want internet connection).

What’s on your Android Desktop?

Winamp - best music player for Android

Now that I have a larger long-life battery - I’m back to listening to music on my phone. Winamp runs on my Media PC / HTPC so with its WiFi device sync .. Winamp is the best choice. Sweet as.


NewsRob - best Google Reader app

NewsRob beats the pants off other apps and is better than Googles own Reader client because it has really great offline capability. When you live in London and travel on the underground / tubes then its great to have something to read.


AppBrain - Best App for finding new Android Apps

I’m late to discover AppBrain - I’m still not sure if its any better then the Market app. But it does have a good Recommend to me feature. I wish it would remember all my previous installed apps (even the free ones) and reinstall them for me when I reset my phone or delete my SD Card (which I do lots).


The other icons are pretty familar - With unlimtied SMS I use that lots and GTalk is great too. Camera app is linked to Dropbox and Titanium Media Sync so my snap happy pics are always stored somewhere. live Wallpaper is also pretty impressive.


What do you recommend to have as apps or widgets?

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