Up until now getting access to documents, music files or photos or your calendar when you are away from your office or home PC has been limited to a mess of cables, WIFI or datacards. SoonR seems to have hit the nail on the head, with a smooth interface and more features than you can throw a dog at.

While not all the word is as mass mobile as I am, and it could be a long way before many want this service, which Soonr has solved already -

Want to transfer music to your phone from your home pc? Soonr can Transfer pictures? or any file you want - Soonr can do that too

Want to check your outlook calendar at work? or book that meeting with your boss - Soonr can - or read that email you missed before you shut down - yes Soonr can.

And want to check this from your Mobile or from any ol PC? Soonr can - and you have complete control of what files are shared and accessible by you - or you can setup a shared folder for this.

I guess there are many reasons I like this - from the web2.0 styling to the speed in which it was setup. I was up and running in 2 mins - after it asked for my proxy settings on the office firewall - and took no time at all to install on my home PC. Now the little server client is loaded all the time.

So what about the competition - having checked out whats out there, I tried using the client from http://www.orb.com - which according to the blurb lets you watch tv from your phone - groan - why would you want to do that?? when I have a great 3G phone already? Oh and you need a TV Card in your home PC. Put to the test, it failed - when I discovered that you can’t set the web proxy so the server app couldn’t get outside the office network. From my home PC with its tangle of wi-fi, routers with ‘solid’ firewalls and NATing I didn’t even try to set it up. Scared off by the first experience.

What I’m convinced is a good feature on Orb is the integrated streaming app - so you can listen to music on your home PC without downloading the full thing to your phone - saves you data and starts playing quicker than a download. If Soonr doesn’t do this soon (sorry for the crap english) then it will do it some time because its users are already requesting this.

Soonr just seems downright friendly, in a Flickr or any web2.0 softwar without the letter ’e’ seems right. Put to the test, I emailed orb support to find out what I had to do to amend the proxy settings - contact my IT helpdesk and get them to open a port on the firewall - now why would I want that??


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