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Hello World Redux

For the past month (2 or 3 months??) I’ve been more than quiet – I’ve really not been around. So this is just me saying ‘Hello World’ again.

Actually it’s been a crazy time – I’ve spent 6 weeks working in Maastricht in the Netherlands (or Holland if you don’t know better) which was an eye opener of an IT programme.  And then … I moved house.

Finally, I changed to working on the deployment of another CRM system for MVNO’s. Now that I got my daily commute sorted out I’m starting to carry-on with my own work again.

On being quiet – and being busy: impact on web analytics and content strategy

You may not have noticed, but I have … I’ve been quiet, and not been adding any new posts or updates to any of my WordPress plugin. I’ve also been busy and there are never enough hours in the day. I want to set out some thoughts on how a content strategy might help or detract.

Google Analytics

One interesting Google Analytics trend that pops up when I look at my stats over a long period (try 3 years) is that these busy peaks (at work) also correlate with the downward slumps in visitor numbers. This painful reality, is very personal to me – being quiet ‘online’, is when I’ve not the time in the week to write new content. And this affects me personally.

How a content strategy should help

A content strategy could be as simple as saying ‘I will publish 5 posts each week’. There is nothing wrong with this as a statement of intent. But it’s not a quality content strategy, because pretty much every article on SEO bangs on about writing good content, publishing regularly – so your content strategy has to be publishing good quality content.

Never enough time in the week

Here’s a little story about effective blogging and a content strategy for a one person website …
First, I started out by blocking Sunday as my time to write 5 posts, collect images, links and schedule stories to publish the content via web, Twitter, facebook, Google+ … Suddenly, I found that writing 5 posts was taking 5 – 8 hours each week and I was also trying to draft stories during the week.
Now that I was spending so much time blogging, I’d just switch back to writing daily posts because I wanted 8 hours back (on the weekend) to do other things. Like have a life!

Suddenly I, just like you Dear Reader, realise that even a simple content strategy turns into a monster with an insatiable demand for your time.

And so … here is to being quiet (and also blogging effectively).

What a difference a year makes — making a fashion statement

This time last year … almost 12 months now, I was a keen follower of fashion. My wardrobe was made up of some of the best jeans money could buy. I only wore jeans, I’d always wear a long sleeve dress shirt and was starting to realise that a black dress shirt is amazing. I’d keep my eyes on the fashion rags and was always looking for another cool pair of jeans.


I believed, that I’d never, ever had to wear a suit.


Fast forward a year, I’ve now switched from jeans to suits … I’ve not brought a new pair of jeans in the past 12 months … Now, I find myself watching other suit wearers for something I might like … and I keep my eye on sales just cause I’m not prepared to spend £800 on one suit. I still read the same fashion rags, but I skip the jeans.


So what changed? My career path changed.


I must say, what annoys me most about suits … is that the jacket is made up of the most material … yet it’s always the trousers that suffer the wear. And .. when the trousers are worn out .. you need to get a new suit!



Did this post have anything to do with career or work? Well yes it does … Always dress the best, always care for your suit (or jeans), always check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house …  because visual ‘first’ impressions do count.

5 Things that Can Derail Your Freelance Career

There actually are many things that can de-rail a successful freelance career and perhaps these 5 should have your attention.

The 2 that I think are important to always beware of are:
1. Keeping your eye out for ‘something better’ (such as taking a permanent role)
2. Being too successful and not being able to take on more people

5 Things that Can Derail Your Freelance Career: “There are many things that can turn everything upside down. I wish there were only 5 things that can derail your freelance career but unfortunately there are many more. However, in my humble opinion, these 5 need to be paid special attention to:”

(Via “>Speckyboy Design Magazine.)

WTF! TomTom you make Apple Maps really do suck

To me, I used Apple Maps on my iPad to check walking directions. So why is Apple Maps now powered by a Sat nav company like TomTom. Apparently I have to pay tollS to walk 6m to my home … Not just one toll … That's tolls.

And annoyingly all map data is now from some sat nav company so you can't get walking directions.