Here I am … I’m messing with your head. I wanted to see how easy it is to get my Isotope Visual Layouts plugin for WordPress to change your your homepage. Actually it was too easy and the result is destruction and chaos.

No-No - I’m Never Going to Mess with your Head

First thing to note - Never do anything with a plugin that ‘you’ the User doesn’t expect. That’s bad bad karma. So over-riding your theme is a Big No-No. 

Template Parts or JavaScript

While this can all be done in JavaScript it is wrong to do it this way. There is nothing graceful here - In the image above, I used JS to manipulate the CSS attributes for width and height. This created a table based grid layout which worked with Isotope.js

The key learning here is you need to use WordPress Template Parts and create a new layout which you can then apply a whole range of CSS styles and attributes too.

Even better - I’ll stick with creating my plugin and use short codes so that you can add Isotope Visual Layouts where you want.

What do you think? Template-parts or invasive JavaScript?